Coming soon to Sasori Te Karate

18th June 2016
1pm - 5pm
Norton Fitzwarren Village Hall
Prof. Rick Clark is an expert in pressure point work, this is an excellent seminar to attend, good fun and very educational. Add an extra bite to any martial art technique by using pressure points.

Prof. Rick Clark has been awarded:

8th Dan Ryukyu Kempo

7th Dan Tae Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan

7th Dan Ju-jitsu

5th Dan Judo

3rd Dan Modern Arnis

1st Dan Hapkido


Recent events

Aikido Weapons Course
27th and 28th
February 2016

Sensei Frank Burlingham
6th Dan and
Sensei Vince Hammond
5th Dan

We had a fantastic time, and a very different martial arts experience learning how to use Jo, Bokken and Tanto. We felt very privileged to be able to be guests of Vince Lawrence and his Aikido club's annual weapons seminar held in Taunton.
Sensei Frank and Sensei Vince, had endless patience and knowledge. Can't wait till next year!